Friday, October 30, 2009

comments on feedback

Just finished my presentation few days ago..
And I hope it goes fine.. There couple of feebacks I got
for my webpage.. Firstly, is the typography.. I do agree
that the fonts I used doesn't go well with my webpage.I do
hope to change in the period of time.. I think handwritten
fonts suit my webpage better..I think I will sketch it out
and scan it in.. Secondly, I realize there is some missing
links/images.. I will fix that too..

I was hoping that at the main page.. All my buttons will
Sort of bounce out from the suitcase..but I have no idea how
to do that..still figuring out.. Maybe flash software could
solve that problem..

I learnt something from this lesson.. Firework software really
amazed me.. Simple to use..I do enjoyed through out this lesson

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