Monday, April 12, 2010

{ Pop-up Card }

from one of my favourite classic fairy tales
Beauty and a Beast...
is for one of my past project

Friday, October 30, 2009

comments on feedback

Just finished my presentation few days ago..
And I hope it goes fine.. There couple of feebacks I got
for my webpage.. Firstly, is the typography.. I do agree
that the fonts I used doesn't go well with my webpage.I do
hope to change in the period of time.. I think handwritten
fonts suit my webpage better..I think I will sketch it out
and scan it in.. Secondly, I realize there is some missing
links/images.. I will fix that too..

I was hoping that at the main page.. All my buttons will
Sort of bounce out from the suitcase..but I have no idea how
to do that..still figuring out.. Maybe flash software could
solve that problem..

I learnt something from this lesson.. Firework software really
amazed me.. Simple to use..I do enjoyed through out this lesson

Monday, October 26, 2009

The front page of my website shows a suitcase which contain camera, sketches and pencil. The suitcase reflect the bag I normally bring around. I love using watercolour in my artwork so I decided to bring it into my website. I overlapped few layer of watercolour to brings out different effect. I used "rollover" quite often in my website. When people first enter my website, they will see a suitcase then by clicking on it, there will be little animation where the suitcase open up and the colour began to fill in. This will make my webpage more interesting. After that page, they will enter my homepage where they find about me, contacts, my artwork, and my blog too. In my artwork, I included illustration, advertising, graphic design, photography, corporate identity and game design(snake and ladder). In illustration, there's a few category which are pencil sketching, marker drawing and berol drawing. To show all the artwork, I uses lightbox which is convenient for the users. It took me awhile to handle the lightbox because I was quite confused with all the codes. Everytime when people rollover an image eg: black&white image change into colour image. This able to attract attention and make the webpage more interesting. Keeping my background plain, watercolour background tend to stand out. I want to keep my webpage simple hopefully people won't get too confused. Overall, I quite like my webpage but there's a couple of things to polish up like slicing. Some page may look abit weird because of the slicing

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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